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Unravel the secret of a beautiful look!

Choose conscious eyelash care and define the natural beauty of your lashes! Original Nanolash Eyelash Serum is what most women reach for. Care for the health of your eyelashes and the beauty of your look thanks to a natural complex of ingredients which reinforce, nourish and enhance. It is the best eyelash serum according to specialists.

Why Nanolash?

  • innovative, nature-inspired formula
  • lash care, reinforcement & beautification in one cosmetic
  • reaching the source thanks to thought-out application
  • strikingly-longer lashes

* The presented results are individual effects achieved by women who have tried Nanolash Eyelash Serum. Obtaining identical results by every woman is not guaranteed.
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* The presented results are individual effects achieved by women who have tried Nanolash Eyelash Serum. Obtaining identical results by every woman is not guaranteed.


Nanolash Serum starts conditioning, moisturising and regenerating lashes after just one use. Reinforced inner structure makes lashes grow faster, gives resistance to damage and prevents excessive falling-out.

Nanolash is a professional eyelash growth serum which extends and thickens lashes in a natural way for every user. A regular application, with respect to the directions for use, makes eyelashes darker, more elastic and full of shine. It leaves the lash line fuller and defines the shape of eyes. The serum creates a seamless, protective barrier, as well as nourishes skin around eyes. It is the only eyelash serum which works in such a complex and maximally-effective way.


Discover the unusual action of Nanolash

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Ideal for you

Nanolash is the best eyelash serum for people who have short, thin, fragile lashes, needing a precise enhancement. It is suitable whenever we desire to upgrade the looks of lashes without the need for false extensions. The serum is also recommended in the case of lashes getting weaker with the passing time when the growth potential drops and they become brittle. It is recommended whenever we want to fully care for eyelashes and define the beauty of our look – a lash serum makes the best solution.

Nanolash Eyelash Serum is a natural, effective and handy product which has settled in thousands of beauty bags of women all over the world. You are also one step away from beautiful lashes. See for yourself that it is the best eyelash serum for you.

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* The presented results are individual effects achieved by women who have tried Nanolash Eyelash Serum. Obtaining identical results by every woman is not guaranteed.
4 6 8 weeks

* The presented results are individual effects achieved by women who have tried Nanolash Eyelash Serum. Obtaining identical results by every woman is not guaranteed.

How does it work?

Nanolash Eyelash Serum works at the source, or inside the lash bulbs. It is a thought-out solution and its secret lies in a precise applicator – a thin-tipped brush.

Thanks to applying a lash serum to the roots of hairs, the product is instantly absorbed and directly reaches the hair follicles where the life of each lash begins. Nanolash Serum adapts to the natural growth cycle of our lashes and stimulates bulbs to work more efficiently. As a result, every new lash, which is in the anagen phase, grows thicker, stronger and longer. The secret of a good serum lies in precise action and answering the most common lash problems.

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A perfect choice for the fans of beautiful lashes

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Inspired by nature & science

Beauty, which goes hand in hand with health, is the purpose. The best eyelash serum, just like Nanolash, equals naturalness captured in a tasteful tube. A touch of luxury for healthier and stronger lashes, as well as enhancement for the natural beauty of the eyes.

A full set of nourishing, growth-stimulating, conditioning, strengthening and protecting substances has a positive impact on the health and good looks of eyelashes. A simple, short and clear list of ingredients is the biggest success of Nanolash Eyelash Serum. The combination of the most effective and essential substances is enough to stimulate natural eyelash-growth and repair processes. It unites all that a good lash serum should have to effectively accelerate growth and deliver care.


Eyelashes which will arouse sensation!

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Simple usage

The application of an eyelash serum is uncomplicated, which makes the road towards beautiful lashes easier. It is based on three simple steps, resembles applying an eyeliner and takes little time thanks to the precise applicator and fast-absorbing formula. The achieved results are influenced by the systematic and precise application, as well as following the instructions for use described in the leaflet.

The best way to get beautiful lashes involves:

  • Removing make-up, precisely cleaning and drying the eye area.
  • Applying a serum to eyelids at the roots of lower and upper lashes.
  • Waiting a moment until a small amount of the serum is absorbed.

Nanolash product


How to use Nanolash?
The most effective eyelash serum is applied to the lash roots, not throughout the length of lashes. Nanolash is equipped with a thin brush which easily spreads the liquid serum nowhere else but on the lash line – the procedure is exactly the same as while applying an eyeliner. Beforehand, we must remove all make-up residue, clean and dry the eye area so that the serum’s nutrients can penetrate hair follicles and enhance the bulbs. The application must be done every evening.
Who can use eyelash serums?
Nanolash is a professional eyelash serum designed for daily care of weak, thin, short, brittle and falling-out lashes. It can be used by both women and men – all those who are not satisfied with the appearance or condition of their lashes. This lash serum is suitable for glasses or contact lens wearers yet it is not recommended for minors and pregnant or nursing women.
Can Nanolash be used by people who have sensitive skin?
The skin on eyelids is very delicate. However, Nanolash is a lash serum which has been infused with soothing ingredients, therefore it is safe. Even people who are prone to irritations and have sensitive eyes can use it without worries.
Can Nanolash be used while you wear eyelash extensions?
Nanolash Eyelash Serum is recommended in the case of eyelash (volume) extensions because it allows for repairing and reinforcing weak lashes after applying falsies. The product does not dissolve the adhesive so it does not have a negative impact on the quality and durability of extensions.
What is Nanolash Serum made of?
The Serum formula has been based on top quality, specially selected ingredients that ensure the optimal lash growth. As a result, eyelashes grow longer, stronger, and thicker. Nanolash contains Aqua, Ethyl Tafluprostamide, Euphrasia Officinalis Extract, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Triethanolamine.
How long does Nanolash serum keep its properties?
Nanolash Serum keeps its qualities for a year since the first opening.
Can I place an order if I leave abroad?
Yes, we sell across Europe and in many countries in the world. The shipping cost and the expecting time depends on the country of delivery.
Can eyelash serums be applied more often?
Increasing the frequency of application is not recommended. The eyelash serum has clearly-defined rules for use – for obtaining maximum effects by a given person, applying the serum once a day before sleep will do.
Can you wear make-up during the Nanolash treatment?
A good lash serum is a conditioning product which lets you bring out the natural beauty and make make-up routine easier. Using Nanolash is not a contraindication to make-up at all. You just need to remember not to apply the serum over make-up and to wait for a few seconds for the absorption before reaching for make-up products.
During the lash serum treatment, you can have permanent make-up, too. There is no need for worrying about the fading pigment. The only thing to be remembered is waiting for around two weeks after having permanent make-up done before you start applying Nanolash serum again.
Why should a lash serum be applied in the evening?
The application before sleep is recommended because most repairing processes take place at night. It is linked to the natural lash-growth cycle.


Good price, fast shipping & marvelous look all year round.

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A simple usage, natural ingredients, effective action, a low price – that is what women expect while going for eyelash serums. They are unaware that eyelash care is something more than applying cosmetics. It is caring for lashes on a daily basis.

A good serum will repair eyelashes but if we fail to protect these tiny hairs from negative elements, the effects of a serum will be barely visible.

What are the most common lash-weakening factors?
  • a wrong use of an eyelash curler,
  • procedures such as applying eyelash extensions,
  • not varied diet,
  • expired beauty products e.g. mascara,
  • forgetting to take make-up off.
What to use eyelash serums for?

The best remedy for all lash problems is applying a serum which has a good composition of ingredients, including vitamins and minerals. Zinc, copper, iron, folic acid and vitamins A, C, E are especially important. We can find them in some food products but it is not enough!

An eyelash serum is a must-have if we want to consciously care for the health of lashes and, consequently, for their appearance. Choosing the best product, we are sure that it contains all essential nutrients as well as a complex which boosts growth and prevents lash loss. Nanolash Eyelash Serum is the best one we can reach for because it includes natural plant extracts giving a wide range of benefits.

How does an eyelash serum work?

Originally, an eyelash serum was designed for accelerating lash growth. It was supposed to answer the needs of women who have sparse, short lashes and a mascara fails to define them. Today, a lash serum works in a much more complex way:

  • it reinforces bulbs, preventing eyelash loss,
  • it gives elasticity, darkens and adds shine,
  • it deeply nourishes and regenerates,
  • it maintains hydration,
  • it lengthens, thickens & even boosts volume.

The rule is simple – an eyelash serum is the one and only cosmetic which reaches lash bulbs, conditioning them after the very first application. Regenerated, reinforced and perfectly-nourished bulbs mean stronger and full of vitality lashes that grow out of them.

Eyelash serum with a brush

Therefore, the best eyelash serum is equipped with a precise eyeliner brush. Even though there are eyelash enhancers with mascara wands, they are not as effective. Although the sorption (the ability to absorb ingredients) is one of the features of lashes, applying a lash serum to the roots gives far better effects – it gets to hair follicles faster and focuses on the source of the problem – weak bulbs.

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